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Larger sample images are available without the watermark for interested buyers.
Please call or email us with your address and phone number!

About the Prints
We are proud to offer our  open edition unframed prints on either Archival Museum 100% cotton rag board or Archival Canvas to make our premium prints. Quality prints that will be admired by many future generations.

Print Sizes

All prints are available in smaller or larger sizes then what may be listed in our gallery catalog. We know some people may like a miniature (not listed) to extreme sizes so please call and ask. Recommended sizes start from 20"X16" depending on image format (Panoramic are recommended to print starting at 30" in length even though some start at 20" wide) all the way to 60"X40" (panoramics are limited to 36" height)- again it all depends on the image format. Please call in questions and orders (973) 464-3354

Archival Pigment Ink Giclée Prints

The combination of inks and paper in our Giclée prints results in the longest  archival prints made today. These prints have a light-fastness of 250+ years (meaning fading will not begin to appear until after that time*) when properly stored (see below). An investment lasting into the next millennium! The all natural sheets are made acid and lignin free 100% cotton rag or canvas. The eggshell to almost pure white surface produces a highly luminous detailed images with vivid of colors and deep dark blacks. Black and White prints have thousands of shades from jet black to pure white depending on the material used. Canvas prints are coated with a UV gel to help prevent pigment chipping and discoloration due to environmental factors but we can not garrantee fading or discoloration will not occure due to variables in the environment.

Framed/ Matted Prints

We do not frame or matte our prints and recommend using your local print framer to do the job. If you need to have your print framed we do have our local framer that can do the job in a tasteful attractive frame that compliments our prints. If you do decide to have them frame the print, we will dropped of the print, of which at that time, our responsibility of care for the prints ends. Please call us for more information!

*expected life before first signs of fading using conservation framing materials.
About The Artist
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